Our Projects

Smile  Boxes

Smile boxes were created by Kids Can Change the World for kids that have to stay in the hospital for weeks or even months. They are empty clothing boxes that we fill with a variety of different items to fill a hospital room with joy and color! The main purpose of these boxes is to brighten up a kids room, while some organizations send something for children to play with or use. In a smile box you may find pictures, banners, posters, decorations, and other variations of items to play with, color, or decorate with.

Age Ranges for Smile Boxes:

0-1     hat, blanket, *wishing heart, card

1-3     hat, picture, wishing heart, card

3-5     wishing heart, hat, toy, card, picture

6-7     wishing heart, hat, picture, poster, card

8-10     wishing heart, hat, poster, banner, card